Lyon dissertation no. 21. MS

Title Lyon dissertation no. 21. MS
Type Academic prize contest entry
Language French
Content Advice on educational benefits of travel
Moral considerations of travel
NotesInspired by Rousseau's "Emile", the author of this dissertation develops an opposition similar to that of the winner of this prize contest, Turlin. Turlin said that travels are useful but they are to be forbidden as they will inevitably lead to corruption in these times. In this dissertations, travels are useful and even necessary to extend one's knowledge; but the travelling young man's soul will never be developed as much as his mind.

In order to overcome this situation, an entire programme of education is sketched. This education provides the solution to the initial clash between intellectual progress and moral corruption: if the young man's heart was trained for virtue since childhood, and this was systematically cultivated, the benefits of travel can be reaped without danger.