Lyon dissertation no. 7. MS

Title Lyon dissertation no. 7. MS
Date 1785 - 1787
Type Academic prize contest entry
Physical Description Bibliothèque de l'Académie de Lyon, MS 237-3, ff. 111-122.
Language French
Content Advice on educational benefits of travel
General discussion of the utility of travel
General practical instructions for travels
Instructions on health during travels
Moral considerations of travel
NotesThis anonymous entry to the Lyon prize contest strongly recommends travelling. The introduction repeats well-known clichés of the genre. A true system should be followed during the travel as there are many possible distractions that one encounters; however, these are mainly dangers for superficial people. Whoever follows a wise plan during his travels will return to his land a superior person to his follow compatriots who never travelled.

The dissertation is divided into two sections. The first chapter is on travel's benefits for the body, its ability to enhance strength and vigor. The second chapter discusses travel's benefits for the mind: it contributes to knowledge and to a more solid judgement.

Overall, the jury was satisfied with the arguments put forward by this piece, and quoted favorably some of them in their review (it was one of a handful of works discussing travel's benefits for the body); it was because of its poor style that it was not more favorably judged.