Lyon dissertation no. 23. MS

Title Lyon dissertation no. 23. MS
Date 1785 - 1787
Type Academic prize contest entry
Physical Description Bibliothèque de l'Académie de Lyon, MS 237-4, ff. 412-457.
Language French
Content Advice on educational benefits of travel
General discussion of the utility of travel
General practical instructions for travels
NotesThis 92-page dissertation is one of the longest in the contest. The reviewer acknowledged its merits, but found it lacking in originality, and its style very cold.

The first half is a general introduction on the idea of education and mobility. The second half first considers the conditions of useful travelling through a variety of angles, then (from chapter 12 onwards) discusses the benefits of travelling for various professions. Here and in some other dissertations, the jury considered this as off-topic, as not directly related to the question of educational travel.

The sections are:

chapter 1: 'The knowledge necessary for successful travelling' (p.41)

chapter 2: 'What is the right age for successful travelling?' (p.46)

chapter 3: 'Should one perform all his travels at once, without a break between them?' (p.49)

chapter 4: 'Should one travel alone or in company?' (p.52)

chapter 5: 'Necessary purchases for a long trip' (p.56)

chapter 6: 'Travelling by foot, in coaches etc.' (p.59)

chapter 7: 'How to use one's time while travelling' (p.62)

chapter 8: 'The sequence of observations' (p.65)

chapter 9: 'Essay on the ways to know various nations' (p.67)

chapter 10: 'Extracts and newspapers' (p.71)

chapter 11: 'Dangers to avoid while travelling' (p.74)

chapter 12: 'Travels of a minister' (p.77)

chapter 13: 'Travels of a lawyer' (p.79)

chapter 14: 'Travels of a military person' (p.81)

chapter 15: 'Travels of a philosopher' (p.82)

chapter 16: 'Travels of a merchant' (p.85)

chapter 17: 'Travels of an artist' (p.87)

chapter 18: 'Conclusion' (p.89)