L'Academie Ou Institution De la Noblesse Françoise

Title L'Academie Ou Institution De la Noblesse Françoise, où toutes les vertues requises à un Seigneur de Marque sont deduites, avec une curieuse recerche des plus belles & riches matieres qui se puissent tirer des scie[n]ces divines & humaines. Par Alexandre de Pont-aymery Seigneur de Focheran
Date 1595
Place Paris
Publisher Chez Iamet Mettayer, & Pierre L'Huillier
Type Section in a pedagogical work
Physical Description 12°, fol. 90.
Language French
Content Criticism of Travel
General discussion of the utility of travel
Moral considerations of travel
NotesCriticism of travel.

Pontayméri is highly critical of travel on the grounds of the moral and physical dangers it represents. He argues that of every hundred young noblemen travelling to Italy only three will come back better, while out of every ten to make such a journey perhaps only four will return at all. Furthermore, Pontayméri argues that young noblemen on travels do not spend their time usefully but rather in dubious activities such as frequenting courtesans, etc., and as such travel is not worth the physical risks it entails. He reports that he has personally heard the stories of 15 young men who encountered serious troubles while travelling, some of whom died. He praises the opening of the noblemen's academy in France by Antoine de Pluvinel, as this supposedly removes the need to travel for education.

No copy examined. Bibliographical details from New York Public Library catalouge. 'L'Academie...' was later also published as part of 'Les Oeuvres d'Alexandre de Pont-Aymery, sieur de Focheran' (1599).

Master Copy: New York Public Library