Lyon dissertation no. 2 MS

Title Lyon dissertation no. 2 MS
Date 1786 - 1787
Type Academic prize contest entry
Physical Description Académie de Lyon, MS 237-3, f. 44-58.
Language French
Content Advice on educational benefits of travel
General discussion of the utility of travel
Moral considerations of travel
NotesThe jury's report considered this dissertation to be a poor piece, written against travel's utility. It is in fact criticizing only useless travels: unlike the winner of the contest, Turlin, it develops some ideas on how travel can be performed in useful ways. However, only few men would truly benefit from travels, and many of these are not in a position (financial or professional) to do so. Also provides a - very rare - consideration on whether women should travel: the author believes that some of them are probably ready to face the dangers and risks of a journey, but it is dangerous for their reputation as well, as a travelling woman will always appear to be an adventuress.