Lyon jury comments

Title Comments by the jury for the 1787 Lyon academic prize contest on travels
in Extrait des discours qui ont concouru pour le prix que l'académie des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de la ville de Lyon a adjugé à M. Turlin,... sur cette question : Les Voyages peuvent-ils être considérés comme un moyen de perfectionner l'éducation ?
Date 1788
Place Lyon
Publisher A. de La Roche
Type Academic prize contest entry
Physical Description 8°, pp. 106.
Language French
Content Advice on educational benefits of travel
General discussion of the utility of travel
Moral considerations of travel
NotesA series of documents survive in the Archives of the Académie of Lyon related to the 1785-1787 prize contest, shedding light on the entire selection process. We find judgments on the submitted pieces, a brief summary of all pieces and a longer summary of the best pieces, as well as the reasons for their final decision, awarding the prize to Turlin's anti-travel dissertation. The final version of this was presented to he general assembly of the Académie on 4th of December 1787.

However, in the printed version of the jury's report, a new dimension unfolds. The jury was not fully happy to award the prize to a dissertation which doesn't provide an actual travelling program, and negates its very possibility. Instead, they decided to incorporate into a travelling program that they created, using Turlin to indicate travel's possible dangers, but providing advice for a real program as well. As such, the jury's comments became an apodemic dissertation as such.

Contains an introduction on the whole of the contest, with a rather negative overall opinion on the quality of the texts and a list of noteworthy elements from all dissertations except the prizewinners (pp.3-20); opinions on the winner of the second prize, Mathieu (pp.47-49); and extensive comments on Turlin's prize-winning essay, with opinions on the possibility of a useful form of educational travel, under the guidance of an excellent tutor (pp.97-106).

The print edition consists of a version of the jury's report, excerpts from Mathieu's dissertation, a near-complete version of Turlin's dissertation, and comments from the jury on both.

Master Copy: BNF R-21082

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