Essai d'une méthode générale

Title Essai d'une méthode générale, propre a étendre les connaissances des voyageurs ... Appuyé sur des faits exacts, & enrichi d'expériences utiles
Date 1779
Place Paris
Publisher Moutard
Type Essay
Physical Description 8°, 2 vols, pp. 500, 560.
Language French
Content Instructions for scientific observations
Scheme or exemplar for description
NotesMunier, an inspector of the Ponts-et-Chaussées, devised his method of description in 1770, and then applied it to the Angoumois in this work of 1779. The idea, typical of contemporary French political arithmetic, was to create a perfect economic description of France by region, and this work was to serve as a model. It touches all possible aspects of the economy, but is interested in other aspects of life only as they relate to this subject.

See Jean-Claude Perrot, 'L'âge d'or de la statistique régionale' (an IV - 1804). Annales historiques de la Révolution française (1976), pp. 215-276, 220. He references Numa Broc, who considered Bernard's preface to the 'Voyages du Nord' a forerunner (described elsewhere in this database).

Master Copy: BNF FB- 39726-7