Epistola Politica de Peregrinationibus Germanorum

Title Ad Iustum Sincerum Epistola Politica de Peregrinationibus Germanorum recte & rite iuxta inferiorem civilem prudentiam instituendis
Date [1668?]
Place [Geneva]
Publisher Apud Levinum Ernestum von der Linden
Type Academic discourse (e.g. university dissertations and orations)
Physical Description 12°, pp. 672.
Language Latin
Content General discussion of the utility of travel
Scheme or exemplar for description
Moral considerations of travel
Classification model (Ramusian table etc.)
NotesThis book by Oldenburger (under the pseudonym Constantinus Germanicus) used the method of state description introduced by his professor, Hermann Conring, but turned it into a highly critical portrayal of various German states. It caused a serious scandal, was confiscated in several states, and Conring himself took distance from his former pupil.

At the same time, this "Epistola politica" is, in itself, an apodemic text, quoting earlier works of the genre and discussing the methods and topics to be described in a state. It introduces a schema for observations and description with a tripartite classification between Urbes, Civitas and Respublica (places, social relations and political system).

Text signed '8. Octobre 1668'. See Stagl, Apodemiken. Title page gives place of publication as 'Cosmopoli'.

Master Copy: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Germ.g. 86

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