Essai d’Instructions Pour Voyager Utilement

Title Essai d’Instructions Pour Voyager Utilement
in Recueil de Voiages au Nord, Contenant Divers Mémoires Très Utiles au Commerce & à la Navigation
Date 1715 - 1727
Place Amsterdam
Publisher J.F. Bernard
Type Essay
Physical Description 12°, 8 vol.
Language French
Content Instructions for scientific observations
NotesThe introduction to Bernard's 'Recueil de Voiages du Nord' contains a lengthy dissertation on the means of travelling with benefit. It is mostly a translation of the second, extended version of Boyle's 'General Heads' (1692), particularly in respect of the list of mirabilia and elements of natural history to be verified. It might have been also inspired by Baudelot de Dairval (who was also using Boyle's model). The 'Essai' occurs vol. 1, pp. 1-116 (1715). It may be authored by J.F. Bernard, who published and edited this volume. See also the 'Discours préliminaire' (pp. i-xliv.), of the same volume, and the 'Dissertation pour voyager utilement' first published as the translator's preface to vol. IV.

This edition is a collection of travels in the style of Ramusio. Published in 8 volumes across the years 1715-1727, it was edited by the publisher J.F. Bernard. Elena Muceni argues that Bernard also authored the apodemic texts contained therein. See Elena Muceni: L'apport d'un éditeur des Lumières à la littérature viatique de son temps: Jean-Frédéric Bernard et le Recueil de Voyages au Nord, 'Viatica', numéro 'Ecrire le voyage à deux'.

Master Copy: BNF G- 28266-73

Texts in this Edition
Digital Copy Web Link, copy from University of Alberta Microfilm collections. The link is to book I, published 1715, which contains both apodemic texts.