An Oration concerning the Forein Travels of Young Gentlemen

Title An Oration concerning the Forein Travels of Young Gentlemen
in Orations of divers sorts accommodated to divers places written by the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle
Date 1662
Place London
Type Miscellaneous
Physical Description 4 °, pp. 309.
Language English
Content General discussion of the utility of travel
Moral considerations of travel
Criticism of Travel
NotesFemale author.

A rare female-authored apodemic text. Margaret Cavendish's brief ‘Oration’ on travels emphasises the dangers of foreign travel (in common with Joseph Hall's ‘Quo Vadis’ [1617], and later anti-travel discourses such as Muralt's ‘Lettre sur les Voiages’). She warns that young gentleman risk encountering vice and bringing it home with them. Her recommendation is that travel should be conducted under the state’s auspices, and a report should be presented afterwards of the benefits gained by the traveller.

The oration occurs pp. 73-75 of the 1662 edition.

A second edition appeared 1668.

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