Épitre sur les voyages

Title Épitre sur les voyages
in Revue du Lyonnais
Date 1835
Place Lyon
Publisher [Boitel Leon]
Type Journal article
Physical Description Revue du Lyonnais (1835), series 1 vol. 1, pp. 487-491
Language French
Content General discussion of the utility of travel
Moral considerations of travel
NotesText in verse.

Poem on travel, published within the literary journal La Revue du Lyonnais. First presenting some arguments against travel (futility; benefits of calm; duties to country and family), it then counters these arguments, and provides a praise of and an invitation to travel. Travel is a remedy to boredom, and everything that was observed during the travels will entertain the public listening to the adventures.

Literary journal published in Lyon from 1835 to 1924 (with several interruptions).

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