[Appendix to Twiss's Tour of Ireland]

Title [Appendix to Twiss's Tour of Ireland]
in A Tour in Ireland in 1775, with a map, and a view of the Salmon-leap at Ballyshannon
Date 1776
Place London
Type Section in a travel account
Physical Description 8, pp. 202.
Language English
Content National characters and manners
General practical instructions for travels
Methods and itineraries for travels and travellers
General discussion of the utility of travel
Moral considerations of travel
NotesInspired by Sterne's 'Prodigal Son' (listed elsewhere in this database), it is critical of useless travel. In general takes a sarcastic tone towards the practice of the General Tour. Otherwise Twiss relates apodemic commonplaces such as the need for the traveller to know their own country and use their travels to learn languages, laws, and the customs of other nations. The appendix occurs pp. 177-202.

The National Library of Ireland holds Twiss's private copy which is annotated extensively in the margins.

Master Copy: National Library of Ireland National Library of Ireland, ms 34251

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Google books, reproduction of Bodleian Library copy.