Jean-Baptiste-Augustin Prosper Mennesson

Date 1761 - 1807
Biographical NotesAn accompanying letter identifies the author of dissertation number 24. submitted to the prize contest of the Académie de Lyon: the author is Mennesson, lawyer in Château-Porcien. Because it was submitted too late, it could not be considered for the prize; it received a commendation. The reviewer, count Laurencin, wrote: "The form in which this dissertation, the late moment it reached us excludes it from the prize contest, but not from the much deserved honour of receiving a honorable mention in the jury's review. The author tackled the question with a lot of philosophy; he discussed it based on a well-conceived plan, and his style has the wisdom and truth that reason always applauds."

It is very likely that the author is Jean-Baptiste-Auguste-Prosper Mennesson, who was a young lawyer before the Revolution. During the Revolution, he was one of the deputies of the Ardennes département, but -facing the increasing violence - withdrew first from national politics in 1793, then from all political activity. He was the author of a series of political tracts in 1792-1793, and of a work on education in 1802 (L'instituteur français ou instructions familières sur la religion et la morale - published in Eperney, signed 'A friend of humanity').
Work(s)Author of Lyon dissertation no. 24. MS (1785 - 1787) in
Author of in Lyon dissertation no. 24. MS (1786 - 1787)