Lyon no. 23.

Date active 1785-1787
Biographical NotesAnonymous author of dissertation number 23. submitted to the prize contest of the Académie de Lyon. The reviewer, count Laurencin, wrote: "Dissertation written with clarity, even some sort of precision, but cold, monotonous, and full of commonplaces. New ideas are not easy to be had. The second half is from page 33 to page 92. It is divided into 18 chapters, divided into chapters which provide advice on the way to travel for men of various profession. This was not exactly what the Académie aimed for. Thus, I did not hesitate to place this discours, despite the worthy details it contains, much further down the order than the previous one." The 'previous one', dissertation no 22, is the work of Mirampal (see there), which received the accessit.
Work(s)Author of Lyon dissertation no. 23. MS (1785 - 1787)