Lyon no. 21.

Date active 1785-1787
Biographical NotesAnonymous author of dissertation number 21. submitted to the prize contest of the Académie de Lyon. The reviewer, count Laurencin, wrote: "This work isn't entirely without merits. The author used the ideas of J. J. Rousseau. He admits that travelling trains the spirit, but adds that they pervert the moral. It is, he says, to the expense of virtue that it enlightens the mind. This sophism is easy to refute. Every crime originates from an error - this is a moral axiom. If this is the case, knowing the truth should lead to virtue. Thus, in order to be virtuous, one must avoid ignorance and must seek instruction.
The speech that the tutor and his pupil make while visiting a wise man, is of bad taste. Rousseau had similar ideas, but he expressed them differently."
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