Lyon no. 14.

Date active 1785-1787
Biographical NotesAnonymous author of dissertation number 14. submitted to the prize contest of the Académie de Lyon. The reviewer, count Laurencin, wrote: "The same opinion, the same plan as number 10. (Turlin's dissertation that will be awarded the prize.) Travels are dangerous. There is less development in this one that in the other, less erudition and particularly less movement, but it is wisely written. I am entirely in agreement with the author regarding the imprudence of those fathers who send their sons to Paris to complete their studies; however, I would like to remark that this is not what we call travelling, and that the last pages that discuss this horrible abuse against the youth step out entirely of the question as it was defined by the Academy."
Work(s)Author of Lyon dissertation no. 14. MS (1785 - 1787)