Lyon no. 8.

Date active 1785-1787
Biographical NotesAnonymous Capucin monk, possibly of Italian origin, author of the dissertation no. 8 submitted to the prize contest of the Académie de Lyon. The reviewer, Count Laurencin wrote: "Work of a Capucin father who doesn't even speak proper French and who, having seized an old sermon of his monastery, merged several sections of it to discuss the topic. 'Gentlemen', he writes in his preface 'I implore your indulgences'. He believes that because one says indulgence in Rome, you can use the same word for an academy. Capucin yet again, and one of the most ignorant of whom the cord of St Francis ever girded the loins."
Work(s)Author of Lyon dissertation no. 8. MS (1785 - 1787)