chevalier Joachim Trotti de La Chétardie

Date 1700
Biographical NotesAlthough his 'Instructions pour un jeune seigneur' (1683) was a very popular item, re-published well into the 18th century, the identity of its author, chevalier La Chétardie, isn't entirely clear. The BNF database conflates him with another member of the same family, possibly of the same name, curé of Saint-Sulpice in Paris. However, Michaud's 'Biographie universelle' indicates that the two persons are different: the clergyman died in 1703, while the chevalier, brother or nephew of the other, died in 1700.
His other writing, 'Instruction pour une jeune princesse, ou l'idée d'une honnête femme' (1685) was often published alongside bishop Fénelon's famous work on the education of women.
Work(s)Author of De l'utilité des voyages, quand on sçait s'en prévaloir (1683) in Instructions pour un jeune seigneur, ou l'idée d'un galant homme