Pierre Charron

Date 1541 - 1603
Biographical NotesFrench theologian, disciple and friend of Montaigne. After studying law and theology, he was preacher to Marguerite de France. He met Montaigne after a long career in the Church, and under his influence, turned to skepticism. In 'De la sagesse' (1601), he develops the idea that by a skeptic, if he has not received divine commands, would live according the laws of nature - introducing the idea of morality outside of religion, and the concept of the 'noble savage'. The book was very influential in France and England; some considered it heretical.

Source: Richard H. Popkin, 'Encyclopaedia Britannica'
Work(s)Author of Devoir des parents et des enfants (1601) in De la sagesse, livres trois