Roger Manners, fifth earl of Rutland

Date 1576 - 1612
Biographical NotesEnglish nobleman. Nephew to Edward Manners, third earl of Rutland (described elsewhere in this database). At the age of 11 Roger Manners became the fifth earl of Rutland, as well as a ward of William Cecil, Lord Burghley (also described elsewhere in this database). Rutland was educated at Cambridge, taking an MA in 1595.

Rutland travelled on the continent in the years 1595-97, accompanied by Robert Vernon, and the writer and diplomat William Davidson (described elsewhere in this database). During this time Rutland toured through the Low Countries, Germany, and Switzerland. He matriculated at Padua University in 1596. He then travelled in France in 1597, before returning to England in November of that year.

Rutand was an associate and adherent of the earl of Essex, Robert Devereux (described elsewhere in this database). Essex wrote Rutland at least three letters of travel advice, one of which is extant and described in this database ('First Letter of Advice to the Earl of Rutland'). This letter also forms the basis for a published document framed as a letter of travel advice from Essex to Rutland but intended for public circulation. That later 'letter' is also included in this database under the title 'The Late E[arl] of E[ssex] his Advice to the E[arl] of R[utland] in his Travels'. The bibliographical record for that work also includes references to current scholarly debates concerning its authorship, attribution, and contexts.

Work(s)Recipient of letter/advice of The Late E[arl] of E[ssex] his Advice to the E[arl] of R[utland] in his Travels (1633) in Profitable Instructions Describing what Speciall Observations are to be Taken by Travellers in all Nations, States and Countries; Pleasant and Profitable. By the Three much admired, Robert, Late Earle of Essex. Sir Philip Sidney. And, Secretary Davison
Recipient of letter/advice of First Letter of Advice to the Earl of Rutland [1596]