Douglas William Freshfield

Date 1845 - 1900
Biographical NotesGeographer and Mountain Explorer. Educated at Eton College and at University College, Oxford. Played a major role in the advancement of Geography, especially through the Royal Geographical Society, of which he was a fellow from 1869. He was elected to council in 1870, and was honorary secretary (jointly with Clements Markham) from 1881 to 1894, and president from 1914 to 1917. He was also vice-president for three periods (1906-10, 1911-14, and 1917-24). It was largely through Freshfield's intervention that women were admitted as fellows to the Royal Geographical Society (first in 1892–3, but then permanently from 1913)

Founder of the 'Geographical Journal'. Freshfield was also a strong supporter of the Geographical Association, of which he was president from 1879 to 1911. Amongst his many published works were 'Exploration of the Caucasus' (1896).
Work(s)Author of Hints to Travellers Scientific and General (1883)