John Eliot

Biographical NotesNot in ODNB. Cox, 'A Reference Guide to the Literature of Travel', vol 9, (1935), 94, notes 'Eliot lived a rambling life on the Continent until the assassination of Henry III in 1589. He then returned to England and took up literary hack work.'
Work(s)Author of The Traveller (1593) in Ortho-Epia Gallica Eliots Fruits for the French: Enterlaced with a Double New Invention, which Teacheth to Speake Truely, Speedily and Volubly the French-tongue. Pend for the Practise, Pleasure, and Profit of all English Gentlemen, who will Endeuour by their owne Paine, Studie, and Dilligence, to Attaine the Naturall Accent, the true Pronounciation, the Swift and Glib Grace of this Noble, Famous, and Courtly Language