Francis Maximilian Misson

Alternative Name(s) François Maximilien
Date 1650?-1722
Biographical NotesTraveller and Author. Protestant who fled to England following the revocation of the edict of Nantes in 1685. Misson was naturalized by letters patent on 15 April 1687 and became a minister within the Huguenot community in London.

Chosen by James Butler, first duke of Ormond, to serve as tutor to his grandson, Charles, later earl of Arran, Misson accompanied the latter on Grand Tour in 1687 and 1688. They travelled to Italy by way of Rotterdam, Cologne, Munich, and Innsbruck, over the Brenner Pass, and then via Verona to Venice. They also visited the Santa Casa at Loreto and sites near Naples and Rome, before returning through Bologna, Milan, Genoa, Turin, Geneva, Strasbourg, and Brussels.

Based on these experiences Misson authored the work for which he is best remembered, 'Nouveau voyage d'ltalie, avec un mémoire contenant des avis utiles à ceux qui voudront faire le mesme voyage' (1691). This work was translated into English in 1695, and a second edition appeared in 1699. Misson also wrote a further travel work, 'Mémoires et observations faites par un voyageur en Angleterre … avec une description particulière de ce qu'il y a de plus curieux dans Londres' (1698).

Work(s)Related Author of [An Introductory Discourse containing Directions for Travellers] (1704) in A Collection of Voyages and Travels some now first printed from original manuscripts: others translated out of foreign languages and now first publish'd in English: to which are added some few that have formerly appear'd in English, but do now for their Excellency and Scarceness deserve to be re-printed
Author of [Mémoire pour les voyageurs] (1691) in Nouveau voyage d'Italie, fait en l'année 1688, avec un mémoire contenant des avis utiles à ceux qui voudront faire le mesme voyage...