Lyon no. 1

Date active 1785-1787
Biographical NotesAnonymous author of the dissertation no. 1. of the prize contest of the Academy of Lyon, 1785-1787. The reviewer of the jury, count Laurencin, wrote: "1. Half of this essay is devoted to the criticism of our educational system which isn't worth anything - he suggests to take nature as our guide. 2. The origin of our taste for travelling is the need of all beings to move around. 3. He declares that the most beneficial form of travel, both for our pockets and for the body, is to walk. - The author has not discussed for a single moment what was the topic of the prize. Several sentences suggest that he isn't much used to writing. His ideas are common, and some of them even intelligible - for example when he talks about Man's reasoning, when he compares it to the germs of the instincts of various animals. On the whole, in my opinion, this dissertation did not deserve much attention.
Work(s)Author of Lyon dissertation no. 1 MS (1786)