Simon Wilson

Biographical NotesSimon Wilson edited the manuscript of Richard Lassels 'Voyage of Italy' (1670) for publication. The title page describes Wilson as Lassels's 'Old friend and fellow traveller'. The ONDB entry for Lassels describes Wilson as a priest (probably following Wood, Athenae Oxonienses). The 'Voyage of Italy' is dedicated to Richard Lord Lumley, Viscount Waterford, Lassels's former master, and Wilson describes himself as 'Your Lordships most humble and obedient servant'. Edward Chaney, 'The Evolution of the Grand Tour' (1998), 226, comments that Wilson was resident in Rome 1644-51.
Work(s)Editor of [A Preface to the Reader Concerning Travelling] (1670) in The Voyage of Italy. Or a Compleat Journey through Italy in two Parts