Robert Sidney, first earl of Leicester

Date 1563 - 1626
Biographical NotesNobleman, courtier, and poet. Brother of Philip Sidney. Robert received a humanist education, attending Christ Church, Oxford, without graduating, before departing on a continental tour in the years 1579-82. On this tour he was primarily based in Strasbourg, where his brother's friend and corespondent Hubert Languet arranged for him to lodge with the noted pedagogue Johannes Sturm. He also journeyed to the Low Countries, Germany, Prague, and Paris. During these years he received two famous letters of advice from his brother Philip concerning his studies and travels.
Work(s)Recipient of letter/advice of [A Letter to the Same Purpose] (1633) in Profitable Instructions Describing what Speciall Observations are to be Taken by Travellers in all Nations, States and Countries; Pleasant and Profitable. By the Three much admired, Robert, Late Earle of Essex. Sir Philip Sidney. And, Secretary Davison
Recipient of letter/advice of [Sir Philip Sidney to his Brother, Robert Sidney] (1580) in Letters and Memorials of State: In the Reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles the First, Part of the Reign of King Charles the Second, and Oliver's Usurpation