Nicolas François de Neufchâteau

Date 1750 - 1828
Biographical NotesWriter, agronomist and politician. This son of a schoolmaster drew attention early in life for the quality of his poetry, and Voltaire saw him as his successor. At the age of 15 he published a collection of poems written together with his slightly older friend Jean-Baptiste Mailly. He also led a parallel career as writer, translator, politician and administrator. From the Directoire period, he held a series of important positions in the government. His instructions to the professors of the écoles centrales in 1797 were an important inspiration in initiating school excursions such as that conceived by Jacques Rever in Evreux.
See his biography: Margairaz, Dominique, 'François de Neufchâteau, biographie intellectuelle', Paris, Sorbonne, 2005.
Work(s)Author of Epître à mon fils, sur les voyages (1768) in Poésies diverses de deux amis, ou Pièces fugitives de M. M. D. D. et de M. F. D. N. E. L.