Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Alternative Name(s) none
Date 1619 - 1683
Biographical NotesColbert was a French politician who served as the Minister of Finances under the rule of King Louis XIV. He worked to create a favourable balance of trade and increase France's colonial holdings. His name is associated with the policy of mercantilism.
Colbert also took an interest in art and culture. He was the founder of the Academy of Science, the Paris Observatory, the Academies of Inscriptions and Medals, of Architecture, and of Music, as well as the French Academy at Rome, and the Academies at Arles, Soissons, Nîmes, and many other towns. He was himself a member of the Académie Française.
Work(s)Author of Mémoire pour mon fils sur ce qu’il doibt observer pendant le voyage qu’il va faire à Rochefort (1670) in Histoire de la vie et de l'administration de Colbert: contrôleur général des finances, ministre secrétaire d'état de la marine, des manufactures et du commerce, surintendant des bâtiments