Hubert Languet

Date 1518 - 1581
Biographical NotesFrench Humanist, lawyer, and diplomat. As a Protestant he had to leave France, and worked for the elector of Saxony as a diplomat. He worked extensively for mutual tolerance between Catholics and Protestants, and travelled all over Europe. He is likely to be a co-author of the Huguenot pamphlet, 'Vindiciae contra tyrannos' (1579), the other author was probably Philippe de Morney.
He is also well known as an intimate friend and inspiration to the young Sir Philip Sidney.
Work(s)Author of [Languet to Philip Sidney on travels, 18 December 1573] (1573) in Epistolae Politicae et Historicae, Scriptae quondam Ad Illustrem, & Generosum Dominum Philippum Sydnaeum