Philipp Andreas Oldenburger

Alternative Name(s) Constantinus Germanicus
Date 1620 - 1678
Biographical NotesDOB uncertain. Controversial German lawyer and political historian. A student of Conring who later distanced himself from him. Many sources quote a story that he was sentenced to a whipping, and then to eat one of his writings that offended the authorities - it is unclear whether this was his "Constantini Germanici ad Justum Sincerum Epistola politica de Peregrationibus" which was in fact confiscated in several German states.

Constantinus Germanicus was only one of a set of pseudonyms he used. See Stagl, Apodemiken.
Work(s)Author of Ad Iustum Sincerum Epistola Politica de Peregrinationibus Germanorum recte & rite iuxta inferiorem civilem prudentiam instituendis (c. 1669)