Karl Theodor Anton Maria von Dalberg

Date 1744 - 1817
Biographical NotesArchbishop-Elector of Mainz, Arch-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince of Regensburg, primate of the Confederation of the Rhine and Grand-Duke of Frankfurt. Son of a chief counsellor in Mainz, he followed a career in canon law, and entered the church. After a successful spell as governor in Erfurt, he climbed through the hierarchy before becoming in 1802 Archbishop of Mainz, and with that, an elector of the Holy Roman Empire. After the dissolution of the empire, he was among the founders of the Confederation of the Rhein, and was named by Napoleon to be the head of this, and later Grand-Duke of Frankfurt. He resigned most of his offices in 1813 in favour of Napoleon's stepson Eugène de Beauharnais.
Besides his political career, he was also a respected scholar in several fields, patron of arts, and friend of many leading authors of his time.
Work(s)Author of Schreiben des Freyherrn von D ... an den Grafen von S ... über die beste Art mit Nutzen zu reisen (1783) in Sammlung kurzer Reisebeschreibungen und anderer zur Erweiterung der Länder- und Menschenkenntnis dienender Nachrichten