Johannes Caselius

Alternative Name(s)
  • Johannes Kessel
  • Johannes Bracht
  • Johannes Chesselius
Date 1533 - 1613
Biographical NotesGerman humanist, lawyer, and philologist. Studied Greek under Melanchthon in Wittenberg. Also studied in Leipzig and Frankfurt. After long stays in Bologna and Florence, he became professor in Rostock in 1563, and worked there until 1589. Took a doctorate in Law at Pisa in 1566. He became professor at the University of Helmstedt in 1589. He practiced a tolerant Protestantism and in his latter years was critical of strict Lutherans.
Work(s)Author of Qui doctrinae virtutisque gratia peregrinari animum inducunt, guas gentes potissimum adeant eo nomine Italiam autem minime omnium praetereundam, guidgue ex ea talis hospes emolumenti capiat (1578?) in Collectio Caselianorum