Vicesimus Knox

Date 1752 - 1821
Biographical NotesHeadmaster and writer. In 1778 he became headmaster of Tonbridge School, Kent, a position he held for the next thirty four years. His first work was the didactic 'Essays Moral and Literary' (1778). Three years later he further publicized the school by publishing 'Liberal Education, or, A Practical Treatise on the Method of Acquiring Useful and Polite Learning' (1781). Knox's principal aim was to produce a practical treatise on education, as a handbook for fellow schoolmasters, grounded in his notions of societal improvement. He was also an active proponent of women's education. See ODNB.
Work(s)Author of [On Foreign Travel] (1781) in Liberal Education: or, a Practical Treatise on the Methods of Acquiring Useful and Polite Learning
Author of On the Manner of Writing Voyages and Travels (1782?) in Essays Moral and Literary