Johann Blum

Alternative Name(s) Joannes Blumius
Date 1599 - 1631?
Biographical NotesGerman Jurist. Studied at Wittenberg and Tübingen (where he received his Doctorate). His 'Dissertatio de Utili Peregrinante et Peregrinatione' is a speech about the benefits of travelling to Lower Austria, and was delivered in Vienna. He then left Austria, possibly due to the counter-reformation. See Stagl, Apodemiken. Monga, Hodoeporics also attributes a 'Brief discours de la manière de voyager' to [J. Blumius?].
Work(s)Author of Dissertatio de Utili Peregrinante et Peregrinatione. Exhibita a J. B. Wittenbergensi lur. Studioso (1617)