John Locke

Date 1632 - 1704
Biographical NotesPhilosopher. Elected to a studentship at Christ Church in 1652 and spent the following years in Oxford. In 1667 he entered the household of Anthony Ashley Cooper, then Lord Ashley and subsequently first earl of Shaftesbury. In 1668 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society, and in 1674 he returned to Oxford and graduated as a bachelor of medicine. Travelled to Paris briefly in 1672 and from 1675 spent three-and-a-half-years in France. Returned to England and lived in the household of his patron Shaftesbury, a prominent figure in the dramatic political crises of those years. Locke was exiled to Holland in 1682. He returned to England after the revolution in February 1689.

In 1690 he published the two chief works for which he is best known: 'Two Treatises on Government', and the 'Essay Concerning Human Understanding', the latter of which had largely been written in exile in Holland. His earlier 'Letter concerning Toleration' (1689) was also translated from Latin to English at this time. His 'Some Thoughts Concerning Education' (1693) was largely based upon a series of letters sent from Holland to Edward Clarke giving detailed advice about the upbringing of Clarke's children.
Work(s)Author of Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1693)