Count Leopold Berchtold

Date 1759 - 1809
Biographical NotesCount Leopold Berchtold, baron of Ungarschitiz, Fratting and Pullitz, was a Moravian Josephinist, philanthropist, and early promoter of industrial, social, and health reforms. Educated at schools for nobles in Olm├╝tz and Vienna, he joined the civil service and at the age of twenty became deputy head of the 'Kreisamt' at Iglau. He was then transferred to the 'Commerzbeh├Ârde' (Board of Commerce) at Triest. Endowed with 50,000 guilder in 1780 he set out on a 17 year journey through Italy, Dalmatia, and the whole Mediterranean area including parts of the Ottoman Empire and Barbary States, also spending a good deal of time in Tuscany, England, Portugal, Switzerland, and Spain.

During a stay in England in 1788-89 he published his only book the 'Patriotic Traveller' (1789) - a long treatise on the method of travel, and a late example of Apodemica. He also published numerous shorter pamphlets on phlianthropistic improvement and health. See Justin Stagl, 'A History of Curiosity' (1995), 215-221.
Work(s)Author of An Essay to Direct and Extend the Inquiries of Patriotic Travellers; with Further Observations on the Means of Preserving the Life, Health and Property of the Unexperienced in their Journies by Land and Sea. Also a Series of Questions Interesting to Society and Humanity, Necessary to be Proposed for Solution to Men of all Ranks and Employments, and of all Nations and Governments, Comprising the most Serious Points Relative to the Objects of all Travels. To which is Annexed a List of English and Foreign Works, Intended for the Instruction and Benefit of Travellers, and a Catalogue of the most Interesting European Travels, which have been Published in Different Languages from the Earliest times, down to September 8th 1787 (1789)