Robert Poole

Alternative Name(s) Theophilus Philanthropos
Date 1707/8–1752
Biographical NotesPhysician and Theological Writer. Began his medical training at St Thomas's Hospital, London. In 1741 he travelled to France to study midwifery. After being granted his doctor's diploma at Rheims he wrote five religious pamphlets under the name Theophilus Philanthropos. He then briefly worked as a physician in London, before travelling to Gibraltar and the West Indies. After becoming ill he returned to England where he lived until his death. His writing is marked by strict religiosity; the ODNB comments 'There is no morsel of humour in any of his works—religious, medical, or travel'.
Work(s)Author of [To the English Traveller in Poole's Traveller's Useful Vade Mecum] (1744) in A Journey from London, to France and Holland: or, The Traveller's Useful Vade Mecum