Robert Molesworth

Date 1656 - 1725
Biographical NotesPolitician and political writer. Molesworth later claimed to have been a regular traveller to Holland in the 1680s. He also claimed to have been sent into England by William of Orange, six weeks before the latter's arrival in the country in 1688, 'to give notice to many of the nobility and gentry'. Whatever the veracity of this claim he was shortly given the post of ambassador to Denmark in 1689.

Following a series of indiscretions he was recalled in 1692. His 'An Account of Denmark, as it was in the Year 1692' was first published anonymously in 1693 (with a 1694 date), and in it Molesworth was critical of the Danish monarchy. A staunch whig and commonwealthman, he served in both the Irish Parliament and Westminster. In 1695 he bacame a member of the Privy Council of Ireland. In 1716 he was made first Viscount Molesworth of Swords in the peerage of Ireland. See ODNB and Dictionary of Irish Biography.
Work(s)Author of [Preface to Molesworth's An Account of Denmark] (1693 - 1694) in An Account of Denmark As it was in the year 1692