Edward Leigh

Alternative Name(s) Eduardus Leigh
Date 1603 - 1671
Biographical NotesWriter and active in public life. Studied at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, where he matriculated on 24 October 1617, graduated BA in 1620, and proceeded MA in 1623. Following this he entered Middle Temple on 30 October 1624; however, his legal studies were interrupted by the plague, and he travelled in France for six months in 1625, an experience which he later commented was a 'great improvement to himself and his studies’. Leigh was raised a staunch puritan and much of his writing is on religious topics or revolves around Biblical exegesis. Elected to parliament as MP for Stafford by a single vote in a by-election of 1645 and raised a troop of cavalry on the parliament side but removed from office by Pride's Purge in 1648. Returned to politics briefly as a member of the Rump Parliament. Fully endorsed the Restoration. 'Three Diatribes or Discourses' was published shortly before his death in 1671. See ODNB.
Work(s)Author of Three Diatribes or Discourses. First of Travel, or a Guide for Travellers into Forein Parts, Secondly, of Money or Coyns, Thirdly, of Measuring of the Distance betwixt Place and Place (1671)