Jean Gailhard

Date fl. 1659–1708
Biographical NotesWriter and religious controversialist. Protestant Frenchman with roots unknown. He moved to England about 1660. Published eighteen tracts mainly on divinity, though he also published on pedagogy and contemporary Italy. In 1668 and 1669 he published political accounts of Italy and Venice, containing descriptions of his travels in those regions. From 1671-75 he travelled through France, Italy, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany, and Switzerland as tutor to Sir Thomas Grosvenor. In 1676 he travelled through the west of England and to Ireland as tutor to Sir Philip Percival. His most sustained work was 'The Compleat Gentleman, or, Directions for the Education of Youth' published in two parts in 1678 and a further two parts in 1682. See ODNB.
Work(s)Author of A Treatise Concerning the Education of Youth. The Second Part. About their Breeding Abroad (1678) in The Compleat Gentleman, or, Directions for the Education of Youth as to their Breeding at Home and Travelling Abroad in two Treatises
Author of [Preface to Gailhard's Present State] (1668) in The Present State of the Princes and Republicks of Italy with Observations on Them