Richard Lassels

Alternative Name(s) Richard Lascelles
Date 1603?-1668
Biographical NotesRoman Catholic priest and writer. Educated at the Catholic College at Douai. Ordained a priest 6 March 1632. In 1633 he was employed as Latin secretary to Cardinal Richelieu in Paris. Worked extensively as a travelling tutor, and in this capacity he visited Italy five times. He wrote a series of continuously revised manuscript accounts of Italy, and this 'Voyage of Italy' (edited and published posthumously) became the most influential English guidebook of the period. This work paid unprecedented attention to art and architecture, and also shaped the genre itself, providing the basis for later guidebooks and accounts such as the Italian sections of John Evelyn's diary. Lassels died in 1668 in Montpellier in his capacity as travelling tutor, during what would have been his sixth journey to Italy.
Work(s)Author of [A Preface to the Reader Concerning Travelling] (1670) in The Voyage of Italy. Or a Compleat Journey through Italy in two Parts