Arthur Capel

Date d. 1632
Biographical Notes'Arthur Capel was the grandfather of Sir Arthur Capel (1604-1649). On his death in April, 1632, he left his estate to his grandson, making him one of the richest men in England. Old Sir Arthur wrote a paper 'Reasons against the travelling of my grand-child Arthur into parts beyond the sea' (1622) advising his grandson against travel.' See Cox, Literature of Travel, vol 2, p. 323, which cites 'Ascoli, 'Angleterre devant L'Opinion Française', I, 474, footnote, Paris, 1930' (presumably a reference to Georges Ascoli, 'La Grande-Bretagne devant l'opinion française au XVIIe siècle', 1930). Neither Capel or this text have been identified. Capel is not in ODNB.