Joseph Hall

Date 1574 - 1656
Biographical NotesBishop of Norwich, religious writer, and satirist. Chaplain to the court of Prince Henry. Hall was author of various works of biting satire, written in several forms, including verse ('Virgidemiarum', 1597), and prose ('Mundus alter et idem', 1605 and 'Characters of Vertues and Vices', 1608). He preached his first sermon at St. Paul's Cross in 1608. Consecrated Bishop of Exeter in 1627 and Bishop of Norwich in 1641. Incarcerated in Tower of London on a charge of treason from January to May 1642. Under the Act for the Sequestration of the Property of Malignants (April 1643) the revenues from all of his properties were confiscated. He was driven out of his bishop's palace in 1647. He moved to Higham where he continued to perform his clerical duties and to write prolifically. See ODNB
Work(s)Author of Quò vadis? ou censure des voyages (1628)
Related Author of Bishop Hall's Sayings Concerning Travellers to Prevent Popish and Debauch'd Principles (1674)
Author of Quo Vadis?: A Just Censure of Travell as it is Commonly Undertaken by the Gentlemen of our Nation (1617)