Sir Thomas Culpeper, the younger

Date 1625/6-1697?
Biographical NotesSon of the MP of the same name, who was famous for his writings on usury, Thomas Culpeper the younger republished his father’s writings on that topic and wrote on the subject himself. Educated in Oxford, he travelled abroad, and was knighted after the Restoration. He published a collection of essays entitled 'Morall discourses and essayes, upon severall select subjects' (1655), including ‘Of Travelling, and the qualifications unto it’. In 1671, he republished the work (without the essay on travel) in a substantially differing text as 'Essayes or Moral Discourses on Several Subjects. Written by a Person of Honour'. See ODNB.
Work(s)Author of Of Travelling, and the Qualifications Unto It (1655) in Morall Discourses and Essayes, upon Severall Select Subjects