Stephen Penton

Date 1639 - 1706
Biographical NotesEducated at New College, Oxford. Became college head at St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, in 1676. Under his leadership the college attempted to attract sons of the gentry. This forms the context for his first work 'The Guardian's Instruction' (1688), which argued for the value of University education for sons of the gentry. His later 'New Instructions to the Guardian' (1694), expanded on this theme and urged that the professions of law, medicine, and divinity were not beneath gentlemen. See ODNB.
Work(s)Author of [Remarks on Travel in Penton's New Instructions] (1694) in New Instructions to the Guardian Shewing that the Last Remedy to Prevent the Ruin, Advance the Interest, and Recover the Honour of this Nation is I. a More Serious and Strict Education of the Nobility and Gentry, II. to Breed up all their Younger Sons to some Calling and Employment, III. More of them to Holy Orders, with a Method of Institution from Three Years of Age to Twenty One