Obadiah Walker

Date 1616 - 1699
Biographical NotesCollege head and author. Walker was a fellow at University College, Oxford, and during the civil war was appointed delegate for the defence of the University alongside his former tutor Abraham Woodhead. A staunch royalist Walker preached before Charles I, for which he received his BD. With the surrender of Oxford Walker was expelled and travelled widely, visiting Rome and Paris. Following the Restoration Walker and Woodhead were reinstated at University College. Though he continued to travel he was also increasingly drawn into the life of the University. In this period he published 'Of Education. Especially of Young Gentlemen' (1673), which was a successful work, reaching its sixth edition in 1699. In 1676 Walker was made Master of University College. Walker openly avowed Catholicism in 1686, the second year of James II reign. Following the revolution in 1688 he fled Oxford and was arrested and tried on account of his Catholicism. He died in poverty in London in 1699.
Work(s)Author of Of Travelling into Foreign Countries (1673) in Of Education Especially of Young Gentlemen: In Two Parts