Sieur Cytardie

Alternative Name(s) none
Biographical NotesThe identity of this person is unclear. The preface of 'Maximes sur la cour ...' (1692) is signed 'La Cytardie'. Further, the copy held at Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal has this name written above the title (see BNF Arsenal 8- BL- 11044). As a section of the 'Maximes' concerns war the author may have been a military man. The 'Mercure de France' of 1677 makes reference to a 'Cytardie' as a person with "beaucoup d'esprit".

In some catalogs, this title is listed under the name 'La Chétardie'. Many bibliographies, including the BNF catalogue, conflate two separate individuals under this name. The 'Biographie Universelle' lists these two individuals as: Joachim Trotti de Chétardie (1634-1714), who was a clergyman, and confessor of Mme de Maintenon; and also the Chevalier Chétardie, either brother or nephew of the former, and author of books on pedagogy and moral ('Instructions pour un jeune seigneur ou l'idée d'un galant homme'; 'Instructions pour une jeune princesse'). The 'Instructions pour un jeune seigneur' also contains a brief section on travels.
Work(s)Author of Maximes pour les voyages (1692) in Maximes sur la cour, sur les voyages, sur le mariage et sur la guerre