Alexandre-Maurice Blanc de La Nautte Hauterive

Alternative Name(s) Comte d'Hauterive
Date 1754 - 1830
Biographical NotesFrench diplomat and statesman. Comte d'Hauterive. Born at Aspres and educated at Grenoble where he was Professor, later also a Professor at Tours. He served as a diplomat during the revolutionary and Empire years. Following a dispute with Talleyrand, he retired from active service and worked for many years in the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the Bourbon Restoration he was recalled to the service.

Available biographical information derives from the 'Encyclopaedia Britannica' (1911).
Work(s)Author of Quelques Conseils à un jeune voyageur (1826)
Author of Instruction pour un élève envoyé en mission (1826)