John Heydon

Alternative Name(s) Eugenius Theodidactus
Date 1629 -1670?
Biographical NotesOccult philosopher, promoter of Rosicrucian ideas, author, and attorney. Heydon travelled abroad as a young man, departing in 1651, and perhaps going as far as Spain, Italy, Egypt, and Turkey. On his return he studied law, and by 1655 he was practicing at King's bench. He also practiced as an astrologer and in 1658 was imprisoned for predicting Cromwell's death from his nativity. Heydon is best remembered for a series of Rosicrucian and alchemical works. He occasionally published using the Rosicrucian nom de plume Eugenius Theodidactus. See ODNB.
Work(s)Author of [Travel, in John Heydon's Advice to a Daughter] (1658) in Advice to a Daughter, in Opposition to the Advice to a Son, or Directions for your Better Conduct through the Various and most Important Encounters of this Life