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Kearsley, George1739?-1790
Kirchner, Hermann 1562 - 1620Non esse peregrinandum
An Oration made by Hermannus Kirchnerus
Peregrinandum esse aldolescentibus ac omnibus qui eruditionis & rerum gerendarum tum domi tum foris laudem consectantur
Another Oration Made by the foresaid Hermannus Kichnerus
De Germaniae Perlustratione Omnibus Aliis Peregrinationibus anteferenda: Oratio Directore
Knox, Vicesimus1752 - 1821On the Manner of Writing Voyages and Travels
[On Foreign Travel]
K├Âlderer von Hoch, GeorgDe educatione, studiis litterarum, peregrinatione, et cura religionis